Dr Carlos Jorge

#N1X10Team – Dr Carlos Jorge

I first heard about N1X10 through my involvement with ROAMD which is a network supporting independent concierge practices throughout the U.S. I was immediately captivated by the idea of better care coordination and outcomes for cancer patients and their journey.

A big driver for me to get involved with N1X10 was the personal experience I had with my father. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3.5 years ago and despite both he and I being physicians, we found the process of finding the best treatment options cumbersome. There was not clear communication between his primary doctor, the urologist, and other specialists. It fell upon us researching the different treatments available to finally settle on focused radiation therapy with gold seed guidance. As I reflected back on my dad’s journey it dawned on me that, even for us and our medical knowledge the process of cancer navigation was difficult, I could only imagine what the process is for those with limited medical knowledge and limited coordination. I reached out to Alli because I wanted to be part of the team bringing better coordination, care, and outcomes to all cancer patients. 

~ Dr. Carlos Jorge, MD Head of Clinical Development

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