Personalized Oncology Advocacy

Actively fight cancer with professional oncology services aligned to your needs and preferences

Adding more years to your life and more life to your years

N1X10 offers the world’s most advanced personalized oncology advocacy service for cancer patients. We educate you and empower you to overcome the limitations of standard care. Our global network connects you to cancer professionals offering their services powered by our proprietary technology and methodology.

Advocacy Team

Each patient is paired with a dedicated certified oncologist and physician assistant, as well as an administrative and technology team, all to support your advocacy process.

Global Experts

Our Network provides access to a broad set of trials and treatments beyond the current standard protocols, providing you with additional treatment options.

A Single View of
All Your Data

Our specially developed proprietary technology allows patients and caregivers to have a comprehensive dashboard with all health related data, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

What Sets Us Apart


Up to date, tailored treatment

Personalized Medicine

Accounting for all of your specific needs

Proven Track Record

Assisting cancer patients for years


Guiding you every step of the way


Centralized facilitating platform

A Guide for Your Cancer Journey

N1X10 is the one-stop-shop for cancer patients looking for a better experience navigating their cancer journey. Our focus on the patient’s preferences, precision medicine education, exploring options outside the system, while maintaining a comprehensive approach, sets us apart from those looking to actively fight their disease.

Personal Oncology Advocacy


diagnostic gaps and validate diagnosis


treatment options globally


guide and close knowledge gaps


collaborative decision making


with adverse effects and wellbeing


ahead for all possibilities

James Quigley, N1X10 Client, 2023

What Our Patients Say

N1X10 introduced me to other options for my treatment - a vaccine… Everyone has their own unique set of conditions.

- Kevin, N1X10 client, 2023

Your service was invaluable to us! We're both scientists, physicians and yet - we needed it and gained tremendous value from it. We think that for less scientific cancer patients this is a must.

- N1X10 Client, 2023

Enabling Physicians to Go Beyond Their Reach

As physicians, it is almost impossible to keep up to date with all of the latest research in every field and that is why N1X10 is here. To enable you to offer your patients the best service to help them navigate their illness. When your patients are diagnosed with cancer, we at N1X10 will work with you, to review their unique case and provide guidance and support.

Dr. Yumi Ando, 2023

What Physicians Say

Private Medical uses N1X10 for our cancer patients. Unless there are compelling reasons, its irresponsible not to have this resource available.

- Jordan Shlain, MD, 2023

I’ve been blown away at how deep of a dive (N1X10) have gone at exploring options and all the connections they have provided for additional treatments.

- Jonathan Schmidt, MD, 2023


Erica Cross, PA


Erica is a board certified Physician Assistant. She obtained her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA. She began practicing in 2011 and has worked clinically in Orthopedics and Dermatology. The majority of her career has been spent in a Dermatology practice where she assisted in Mohs surgery, treating various types of skin cancer. She also teaches in the medical simulation department at the University of South Alabama and enjoys every aspect of medical education.