Personalized Oncology Advocacy

Each person is unique. This is especially true when treating cancer. Healthcare professionals do their very best, but they have limited time and resources to dedicate to each cancer case. N1X10 advocates for each person as a unique individual, offering personalized service that helps empower the patient to overcome many of the limitations of standard care.

The Challenge of Being a Cancer Patient

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a very distressing and overwhelming experience which may turn your world upside down. Each person’s experience with cancer is unique and depends on their individual diagnosis, circumstances and coping mechanisms.

Disconnected Information

Many tests, many physicians and specialists, difficulty in bringing it all together from all sources

Limiting Care

Limited exposure to emerging drugs and procedures that are not yet mainstream


Experts have limited outreach, constrained by local availability

Our Methodology

What Our Patients Say

“You helped me not to be alone in front of my oncologist. He had complete control over my fate and treatment course

Cancer Patient

"Your service was invaluable to us! We're both scientists, physicians and yet - we needed it and gained tremendous

Cancer Patient

“Our N1X10 case manager expanded our understanding of the complicated cancer world, collected data about

Cancer Patient

“Our cancer case manager would go through the most relevant treatment options based on our preferences and our

Cancer Patient

Cancer Patient

Cancer Patient

Cancer Patient

How Does It Work?

Phase 1

3 Months

Planning and Intervention

  • Dedicated advocacy team: Oncologist & physician assistant (oncology advocate)
  • Collect, organize and review all clinical data
  • Verify diagnosis with expert pathologists and radiologists in our global network
  • Identify diagnosis gaps including genomics
  • Research treatment options including cutting edge technologies and emerging innovations
  • Comprehensive education and guidance
  • Collaborative decision making that addresses your unique needs
  • Can be extended on a monthly basis

Phase 2

9 Months


  • Track your progress to ensure better outcomes
  • Intervene when needed based on clinical needs
  • Monthly call with dedicated physician assistant (oncology advocate)
  • Continue ongoing data collection
  • Constant comprehensive view of your evolving needs
  • Can be extended on a yearly basis

Why N1X10?


of cancer patients report not consulted about treatment 


mins average for an appointment with an oncologist


weeks average time between appointments 

(Source: Journal of the American College of Surgeons)

The patient’s voice is often lost in a system of misaligned incentives. Patients lack the global view of options, while hospital systems work in local silos. Without the bird’s eye view of what is possible, the patient becomes resigned to the traditional path, and their voice cannot be heard.

Our Proprietary Technology

The N1X10 Advocacy Team uses a proprietary and innovative dashboard complemented with a smartphone patient app, both designed to deliver personalized oncology advocacy and tailored patient education. The smartphone patient app allows you to track your symptoms, update preferences, upload data, and stay informed about your treatment journey. New information is continuously integrated into the dashboard to assist your understanding of how to oversee and monitor your personal data.

Cancer treatment can be a long and challenging journey, but with the right support and care, many individuals with cancer are able to successfully navigate the experience and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your personalized advocacy team will educate you about your current cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition, we will provide information about other diagnostic tests that may be helpful, other available and appropriate treatment options and supportive care options, if needed.

Empowered patients often have better outcomes which is why your participation in meetings is important. We will provide you with all the education, guidance and support you need throughout your journey.

The service starts with a 3-month Planning & Intervention phase. Depending on your condition, this phase can be extended to address your unique needs. The next phase is the 9-month Surveillance phase. You will proceed to this phase after discussing it with your advocacy team and determining that it is the right decision for you. During the surveillance phase the advocacy team continues to support you and, if needed, will discuss the option to resume an additional Planning & Intervention phase.

Absolutely. It is important to have a strong support circle. We encourage you to include and welcome your trusted family members or friends.

Your advocacy team consists of a lead oncology advocate (oncologist) and an oncology advocate (physician assistant). Your main point of contact is the oncology advocate with whom you will have weekly calls and routine check-ins. You will have meetings with the lead advocate on a regular basis and when new options need to be discussed.

In general, referrals to medical professionals should be provided by your PCP or treating oncologist. We will provide contact details and make an introduction when needed.
When it is warranted, we will connect you with the best experts for consultation or second opinions.

For those enrolled in the POA Premium plan, we will assist in contacting the experts and coordinating the meeting.

Our advocacy teams are comprised of certified oncologists and physician assistants located in the US and Canada. The advocacy team that will be assigned to you is not necessarily from your local area. The service is provided via digital tools such as Zoom; therefore, your location is not significant. Your team is assigned based upon availability and other factors such as your time-zone.

Our lead advocates are certified oncologists with extensive experience, from leading cancer centers, in the US and Canada. The lead advocates are not only experts in oncology, but in being your trusted advocate and assisting you to better navigate your cancer journey. The lead advocate may not be specialized in your unique cancer diagnosis; however, they can identify the best experts using our broad global network.

In the standard healthcare system, decisions are often made for the patient without considering the patient’s preferences. A cornerstone of our advocacy service is the collaborative decision-making approach. Your advocacy team will help you map all the options, both within and outside of the standard protocol. They will explain the pros and cons of each option while considering your specific preferences. They will then prepare you to make informed decisions with your treating care team. This process will empower you and enable you to navigate your journey on your own terms.

The service can begin immediately after completing the enrollment process. The first step is collecting all your clinical data and getting to know you and learning about your needs and preferences. This can often take several weeks. When urgent issues require timely decisions, we can begin addressing them immediately while progressing with discussions as we continue to receive data.

“You helped me not to be alone in front of my oncologist. He had complete control over my fate and treatment course – you changed that and gave me the support I needed to stand up to him.”

Cancer Patient

“Your service was invaluable to us! We’re both scientists, physicians and yet – we needed it and gained tremendous value from it. We think that for less scientific cancer patients this is a must”

Cancer Patient

“Our N1X10 case manager expanded our understanding of the complicated cancer world, collected data about my wife and her specific diagnosis, then explored all possible treatment options.”

Cancer Patient

“Our cancer case manager would go through the most relevant treatment options based on our preferences and our limitations and discuss the emerging possibilities.”

Cancer Patient


Erica Cross, PA


Erica is a board certified Physician Assistant. She obtained her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA. She began practicing in 2011 and has worked clinically in Orthopedics and Dermatology. The majority of her career has been spent in a Dermatology practice where she assisted in Mohs surgery, treating various types of skin cancer. She also teaches in the medical simulation department at the University of South Alabama and enjoys every aspect of medical education.